Technical Operations of bluetooth

Bluetooth is a high-speed, low-power wireless link

technology designed to connect phones or other

laptop with little or no work

requested by the user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth

it does not require the positioning of the site line to function.

Techno Grips

The current prototype circuits are contained on a board

which is 0.9 square inches, with a much smaller circuit

development board.

When a Bluetooth device comes into contact with

another, they will automatically exchange addresses

and details on capacity. Then they can set

a 1MB link for sure they will use like

necessary. The protocols involved in managing both

data and voice, with a very flexible topography.

The technology achieves its goal by incorporating small,

cheap short range tranceivers in

devices available today. The radio works

Frequency band 2.45GHz and supports up to 721

KBps, along with three voice channels.

Each device offers a unique 48-bit address from

the IEEE 802 standard, with connections

point to point or multipoint. The maximum range is

10 meters, although it can be extended to 100

meters increasing the power. The devices are

also protected from radio interference by changing

its frequencies, also known as frequency hopping.

The important thing is that Bluetooth

devices will not drain battery life. The specific

aims at the device’s power consumption by limiting

low battery. The radio chip

it consumes only 0.3mA in standby mode, which is less

more than 5% of the energy used by standard phones.

Bluetooth will also ensure security on the bit

level. Authentication is controlled by

user via a 128-bit key. Radio signals can

be encoded with any value up to 128 bits. With the

frequency hopping, Bluetooth is already a lot

hard to hear.

The baseband protocol is a combination of both

circuit breakers and packet switches. Spaces can be reserved

also for synchronous packets. Each package

will be transmitted on a different skip frequency.

Typically a package only covers one slot even though

it can be expanded to cover up to five slots.

Bluetooth can also support data channels up to

three simultaneous voice channels. Therefore,

data can be transferred during the conversation

at the same time. Every single voice channel

will support 64KB.

From a technical point of view, Bluetooth is a lot

in fact different. It is the best wireless method

in the world, even exceeding infrared. of

communication on the go, Bluetooth really is

very difficult to compete.

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