Book Review The Baron Son National Bestseller

Today it seems almost impossible to open a newspaper without finding a history of corruption, cover-ups or ethical errors in the judgment of prominent figures in positions of authority. With the rampant corporate and political scandal and executives gone to jail in record numbers, the unbridled pursuit of wealth and the abusive use of power are no longer options. Now, as a tool for change, best-selling co-authors Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson, and D. Marques Patton step forward to present their new book, The Baron Son, as a groundbreaking roadmap to ethically lead leaders and redo American politics. organizations.


After completing The Baron Son, I found that it was as promised, an inspiring and insightful work with life-changing power. For those not interested in the subject of leadership, don’t worry, The Baron Son’s teachings go far beyond genre, skillfully covering areas such as wealth creation, entrepreneurship, marketing and the ability to sell, to name a few. some. Some.

The Baron Son is an instructive tale that reveals the secrets of wealth creation by an oil trader who, through a series of successes and failures, becomes the richest man the world has ever known. Starting from scratch, this wealthy baron uses his life as a model for the ethical achievement of wealth in both material and immaterial form. With many unexpected twists and turns, the story alone is a fascinating read, but the valuable lessons in leadership, finance and business formed in 11 “Higher Principles” push the book into an entirely different realm. Its archaic style is reminiscent of classic works such as George Clayson’s The Richest Man in Babylon or Og Mandino’s The World’s Greatest Salesman. However, in my opinion, The Baron Son’s story and depth of content easily surpasses the two previous books.

The authors do a great job of weaving their knowledge on a number of relevant and diverse topics into a colorful and inspiring story. There are countless ideas that entrepreneurs will benefit from, whether they are starting a new business or growing an existing business. Investors will also notice subtle points that can help them improve their returns and avoid bad investments. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is a clear roadmap for ethical leaders to help them direct their actions with vision, integrity and passion to create maximum value for all they serve. Recent history has shown this to be a lost ideal.

As with all things, there will be some people who either don’t like the book or realize they need it most, but for those with creative vision, there will be no limits to what they can achieve through its teachings. It is one of those few unique works that will reveal a new understanding each time it is opened. A book of wisdom for all seasons of life, The Baron Son is truly, as the authors would say, one of the “Seedlings of Empires”.

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