Selecting The Proper Dance Shoes

If you’ve ever attended a wedding or prom in uncomfortable shoes, you know the importance of this process. You should definitely choose comfortable shoes if you are planning to dance for an extended period of time. Having these high heels is good for the photo part of your night out, but when you dance you’ll want to wear shoes that you can move around in without wanting to cry. Plus who really wants to risk a river of mascara for a prom?


If you want to make sure your dance shoes are comfortable or not for a big dance event, try to dance indoors at all hours of the day or night. Make sure there is no pinching, rubbing, or blisters as a result of this, otherwise you’ll spend most of your prom night sitting on the sidelines rather than dancing with your buddy. The same goes for weddings. The pictures are all good and good, and so is this exceptional entrance. At the same time, there is no such thing as being the last one standing when it comes to the dance floor.

I strongly believe in cute shoes. I am also a firm believer in foot comfort. Heel height recommendations are that 2 inches is actually best for providing arch support and foot health in addition to comfort. Yes, that means this height is actually recommended for flat footwear. You will also want to make sure you have a lot of space in the toe area so that your foot has some room to breathe without leaving room for potential chafing and soreness. In other words, it’s better to wear a comfortable (but not tight) fit over shoes that aren’t too tight. You must have the right size shoes for the big event.

If you can’t abandon the gorgeous 4-inch stiletto heels that you found up for sale as the perfect companion for your prom or wedding dress, then you should at least consider a spare pair that will be more comfortable. Once you are done with the entrance, pictures are taken and you will lose all sense of your feet. It’s hard to do complex dance moves when the voice in your head screams “Ouch! Ouch!” With every step you take. Your shoes will affect the enjoyment you will experience in the evening almost every time, and there is no reason to wear uncomfortable shoes and be miserable on an evening that should be fun.

You may want to check out dance shops in your hometown and see what they have to offer. They create shoes that are mainly designed for dance. They also make some flashy shoes that go well with formal attire and are suitable enough to be worn at a wedding or prom. You can find these shoes online although I advise against doing this because you simply cannot get them to wear them properly online, and no matter how well styled they are if the shoe doesn’t fit properly, it is very likely to hurt your feet. The important thing is that you take the time to find shoes that you feel comfortable to dance on without sacrificing the look you’re trying to put together.

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